My first film, "Fluidtoons" won the Animation Slam at The Earl and was in the Atlanta Film Festival in 2006. It was also in ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own" and was sent all over the world as part of ASIFA's International Animation Day. It also won the Audience Choice Award at the first FSU IFL Fest, and screened at the Society for Animation Studies conference in 2009 at the High Museum of Art in a "Best of Atlanta Animation" show by ASIFA-Atlanta. It contains Eyeball Bird, Split, Unfinished, Top Hat, Cowlike, and Flung Bunny. My dear friend Sean Jarrett did the voice acting. All of the animation was done in Flash using an optical mouse (I didn't have a tablet yet at the time!).

I animated this for inclusion in a film by Sean Jarrett called "California Remix". "Victory Remix" screened at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival / Animation Attack! and at ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own", as well as at the HENT Project at Eyedrum. The incredible music is from Oh No's album "The Disrupt Chronicles".

The second animated film by Brett W. Thompson: a narrative influenced by Ren and Stimpy in which Ninja Bunny interacts with chickens.

This film was in the Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own", and the second FSU IFL festival. Voices by Sean Jarrett, Script by Bobby Z, Backgrounds by Garrett McCormack, Produced by Steve Sharkey

This film was in the Atlanta Film Festival, the Atlanta Underground Film Fetival, the Montezuma International Film Festival, and ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own" in 2006. Contains the amazing voice characterization of Sean Jarrett and the beautiful painted backgrounds of Garrett McCormack, none of which would have happened without the script by Bobby Z and the calls from Steve Sharkey.

It was also on PBA 30 (Atlanta PBS) on the Atlanta Shorts show. Chickenheads on PBS has an interview at the end, as well as some making-of type material.

I did this really quickly for Cameron's birthday, but it turned out well I think. Unintentionally inspiried by Ub Iwerks' and Disney's "Skeleton Dance" of 1929.

Kat-I asked me to do the opening for Let's Roll, so here it is! This screened as part of the "Out on Film", the Atlanta Film Festival, and several others.

A very short animation for Brandon Ross' puppet show "Horrible and Tortuous Report". There's no sound becuase the puppets were giving the weather report while this played on the projector.

Very short animation I did for Brandon Ross' puppet show "Horrible and Tortuous Report". The amazing music is by the talented Sammi Shredd!

Older material:


Done with Catlan (RISD graduate) during summer '03 in a quick few hours (I think four or five) after we saw "Ren Seeks Help" air for the first time. We were really excited and Catlan thought up the idea to have two of our characters battle.

Alex Birthday '05.swf

Another four-hour birthday animation, done September 1st, 2005. No sound on this one.

Happy Birthday Bobby

Like the dancing skeletons I did for Cameron, I did this animation really quickly, after Sean did some great voice work for me. Bobby liked it a lot. It's not bad for about four hours of work animating, but there's still a lot to be desired- I would redo it quite differently (including animating a body without lipsync first to get more expression).

Exercises, etc:

Most of these are very short and somewhat old.

Folder of Exercises
These are a bit newer than the ones below and might be more interesting.

Speech Test 1
My first lip-sync- a mouth that says "Fluidtoons!". If you like this, I also did speech test 2 but I must warn you what it says might be considered offensive. Both contain the voice of Sean Jarrett.

Done in one night (11/07/04). See also walktest3 and walktest4r3 to see progress. Based on the Richard Williams book.

Guy and Sucker
Not done yet.

People 1 stills
This is just a series of still people I sketched in response to an email from Andy Gately (he makes cool films) about doing animation with people.

Very short- this was an exercise learning some layers stuff in Flash

Guy 4
Done on 04/14/04, 5.7 seconds long, probably to remain unfinished.